Translation of “Neighbours Day in Europe”

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Translation of “Neighbours Day in Europe”

Translation of "Neighbours Day in Europe"

Translation of “Neighbours Day in Europe”

Neighbours Day

Neighbours Day is a celebration of French origin. It was created by Atanase Périfan who launched this movement in 1999 in the heart of Paris.


What is the purpose?

–          To allow neighbours to meet in a festive way

–          To break isolation

–          To create a sense of belonging within a neighbourhood

“You never forget the neighbourhood kids you grow up with”.


Participation evolution

Thanks to the organization of “European Neighbours Day” in 2004 (which now takes place in roughly 150 cities in Europe), Neighbours day has now spread beyond its country of origin.


Translation of “Neighbours Day” into European languages:

PTE :   “A Festa dos Vizinhos”

IT:  “La festa dei vicini”

ES:  “El dia de los vecinos”

NL:  “Burendag”

FR: “La fête des voisins”


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