3 recommendations to help you translate a web page

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3 recommendations to help you translate a web page

Whether for a website or a blog, translating a web page has become necessary.

Thanks to the growth of the internet, creating a web page is becoming easier each day, and thanks to blogs, becoming a well-known writer and attracting several visitors to a web page is also now much easier. However, making yourself known worldwide remains complicated, so it has become essential to have a web page translated to reach as many people as possible.

Since this kind of translation is common on our platform, Mytranslation has therefore written this article to give you some sound advice before you have your web page or website translated.

Translating a web page into the right target language

Having your web page translated into all languages will not necessarily bring you the right visitors – instead it will just make you waste your money unnecessarily. Translating a web page into every language will probably promote your brand image, but that’s about it. It is best to only target countries that will be interested in the topic of your website.

If you don’t know which languages to start with, tools such as Google Analytics will help you analyse the activity on your web page. These types of tools make it possible for you to see from which countries your visitors come from and therefore into which languages you should translate your website or web page.

Translating a web page with an attractive title

Translating a title isn’t easy. It should be hard-hitting in the source and target language. The title is the first thing a web page visitor reads – it is what encourages the reader to continue reading. Therefore, be wary of literal translations which may result in a less attractive title than the original.

Use a professional translator to translate your web page

You should never translate a web page with an automatic translation machine since they cannot guarantee a good translation, which can result in jeopardizing your reputation and not being taken seriously by your readers. You should also avoid having your web page translated by a friend who claims to speak the language well, since translation is above all a profession which requires qualifications.

To translate a web page, you should work with an experienced and professional translator who will translate into their mother tongue. A native translator will use common words from their language and not only literary words often learnt by people who are simply fluent in a language.

A web page translation can easily be done by professional translation sites like Mytranslation who can take on different sized projects and offer lower rates than agencies.

On Mytranslation , the translation of web sites and web pages is common. The price depends on the number of words you wish to translate. Depending on the subject area of your translation, prices vary between 0.06 and 0.08 €/word, whereas translation agencies charge between 0.12 and 0.25 €/word.

Mytranslation professional translators are all qualified to translate web sites and web pages. It is therefore much easier to use a website like Mytranslation to translate your web page or web site into several languages as they guarantee the use of professional, experienced and native translators only.

Mytranslation is the best solution to translate a web page at a fair price! It only takes 3 clicks to get in touch with freelance translators worldwide. Quotes are free and immediate from the follow page: translation quotation on Mytranslation .

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