The best professional translator – 5 tips from Mytranslation

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The best professional translator – 5 tips from Mytranslation

With the globalisation of English, the increasing importance of languages, such as Arabic or Chinese, and the arrival of online translation platforms, such as Mytranslation, on the translation market, many are aspiring to become professional translators.

Through his computer, a Mytranslation customer has access to a worldwide community of over 1500 freelance translators. But one should keep in mind that translating is a unique profession and not so easy to undertake. Therefore, Mytranslation has put together 5 principal tips which might help you become a better professional translator.

A professional translator translates into his mother tongue only

A professional translator knows that it is preferable for him to choose his mother tongue as the target language since it will be easier for him to write in that language and, therefore, to deliver the intended message in the best possible way while respecting the language’s cultural context.

A professional translator doesn’t participate in writing the source text

A professional translator never asks a customer to modify a project according to his own wish. He does it only when necessary, as in the case of a sentence which would be more adapted to a certain context, or else in the case of a linguistic or a spelling mistake in the original text. A professional translator remains as faithful to the source text as possible.

A professional translator uses appropriate tools

Forget about paper – nowadays, professional translators all use word processors (as does everyone else really!) since the work gets done quicker this way. Even though the good old dictionary remains reliable, translation software, such as SDL Trados serve to facilitate the work of professional translators.

A professional translator is specialised in a specific domain

All professional translators choose a specific area of expertise. The choice depends upon his professional experiences or his personal knowledge. In fact, a customer would rather trust a professional translator who has worked for 5 years in the financial domain, for example, than a translator who has 20 years of experience in different general subjects.

All the above criteria, among others, are taken into account during the recruitment process of translators by Mytranslation.

To find out more about Mytranslation, please don’t hesitate to have a look at our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ pages.

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