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Professional translation services and e-commerce: a winning formula

It is widely acknowledged that a 21st century stripped of the internet and globalization just would not be the 21st century anymore. The figures speak for themselves: since 2000, the average amount of time spent online has increased by 566%.

If a company wants to stay afloat, it has no choice but to adapt to this fast-changing market by fine-tuning its services and opening itself to burgeoning new technologies. Opting for a robust digital marketing solution and using professional translation services to ready websites is hence crucial.

We suggest having a look at the decisive role professional website translation plays in improving a company’s influence internationally, and go on to briefly analyse the evolution of e-commerce as well as its currently huge market share.

International growth thanks to professional translation services

Nowadays, international trade of goods and services makes up well over 30% of worldwide GDP; in the early 1970s, it was lower than 13%.

Without a shadow of a doubt, getting your e-shop or online storefront translated professionally is highly beneficial as it means reaching a far wider audience and boosts in sales.

ASOS, a company specialized in prêt-à-porter clothing, fully understands the benefit of following this trend as it now generates 60% of its revenue from sales made internationally. Their number of clients has skyrocketed, taking total orders up to 19.37 million (43% more than in 2012).

Despite the marked domination of Shakespeare’s language across the web, ASOS had to enlist specialists and call on professional translation services to ready their e-shops as they deliver to no less than 237 countries.

The top 5 languages used online:

  • English (available on is used by 536 million people
  • Chinese (soon to be available on our website) is used by 9 million people
  • Spanish (available on is used by 153.3 million people
  • Japanese (soon to be available on our platform) is used by 99.1 million people
  • Portuguese (also available on is used by 82.5 million people

An overwhelming 82.2% of users only use the top ten languages online, hence the importance of getting content primed by professional translation services in these dominant languages.

A bright future for professional translation services: 240 new websites online every day

The prodigious rise of e-commerce

E-commerce sales revenues rose by 10.5% during the second quarter of 2014, reaching a total of 13.3 billion euros (vs. 12.1 billion during the second quarter of 2013).

Despite a handful of internet sceptics, playing down the significance of this past decade’s main revolution, e-commerce, is practically inconceivable. Placing one’s trust in a platform dedicated to professional translation is to make a promising step towards international growth. Getting a website translated into English alone opens it to a community of 1 billion speakers across the world!

Of course, there will always be markets that will require physical sales outlets, but each and every company able to open a virtual storefront should focus on developing a digital strategy capable of responding to clients now used to the advantages of this delivery channel: home delivery, a wider range of products, fiercer competition forcing down prices generally.

Knowing that 90% of all digital media was created over the past two years makes it easier to grasp this craze for all things virtual. The emergence of automatic translation has done little if anything to curb translator’s workloads. Offering a quality, professionally translated website is obviously the key to faster growth.

Getting priorities right

Boosts in company sales, diversification of exposures and product life-cycle lengthening are just some of the advantages of international development, a bonanza for translators and interpreters increasingly sought after by companies setting their sights beyond domestic markets by calling on professional translation services.

The rise of the web is also opening new doors within the digital industry. E-commerce and M-commerce are growing exponentially; to stay in the game, companies’ responsiveness must be nothing less than impeccable.

Mytranslation’s services and tariffs

Mytranslation offers two services: our Auction and Express services.

For urgent needs, we recommend the Express service – simply upload your document and our system will count the number of words so that we can give you a quote including the total price and delivery deadline (for a fixed rate of 0.08€/word). Once you accept this quote, your document is posted onto our marketplace and the first translator to accept it starts work on it right away.

For less pressing needs, upload your document onto our marketplace so it can be bid on by several freelance translators who will offer you different prices per word and deadlines. At the end of the bidding period, you will be able to compare their offers and profile pages and choose the translator you would like to work with (the minimum price per word for this service is 0.06€).

For further information, please visit our website at or get in touch with us directly.


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Mytranslation | A professional online translation service

Mytranslation is an online professional translation service that aims to put clients in direct contact with freelance translators worldwide. Mytranslation offers two services:

  • Express service: For urgent needs, clients simply upload their document to the Marketplace and the first translator available starts working on it right away.
  • Auction service: For less urgent needs, clients upload their document to the Marketplace for an auction period determined by themselves. Clients will receive several price and deadline proposals from translators. At the end of the auction period, clients can compare proposals and translator profiles to decide which translator they wish to work with.

For more information about out our service, visit or contact us.

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