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By / 21 September 2018 / Professional translation

Online yet quality translation

Unlike automatic translators, an online translation agency is able to offer quality services. People are available not only to understand the subtleties of your document but also to modify translations in accordance with your comments. Only “human” translators are able to understand the meaning of your text in its entirety as well as its context to deliver an adapted translation, while preserving the spirit of your document and writing style.

“A translation is wrongful when it is clearer,
more understandable than its original.
It proves that it did not preserve ambiguity,
and the translator chose which way to weigh the balance:
which is a crime.”
Cioran quote (Cahiers)

In order to guarantee the quality of translations on its online platform, Mytranslation only works with professional and experienced translators
who have taken language tests prior to registration. When you have your document translated online with MyTranslation,
you have a space to communicate with your translator and explain your request.


Online translation services available at competitive pricesOnline translation

Mytranslation uses numerous digital innovations to put their customers in direct contact with professional translators from all over the world. By digitizing their processes, they have been able to reduce costs (sales representatives, project managers, accounting, offices, etc.) without sacrificing quality and passing along these savings in the translation cost per word offered to their customers.

The undeniable advantage of the Internet is the ease of comparing prices for the same service; the translation field is no exception to the rule. Much less expensive than a traditional translation agency’s services, an online translation service is a competitively priced solution for all types of translation projects: resumes and cover letters, technical, legal, sales, communications and marketing, scientific and medical documents, as well as many others.


Mytranslation offers online translation services starting at €0.06 per word.

Online translation is a simple and fast way to receive your product

In the digital age, there is no longer a need to mail translations. Online translation agencies offer you fast delivery, directly to your account or inbox. Online deliveries save time and mailing costs.

Online translation agencies offer you a very easy-to-use service: you can get an instant, free quote in just a few clicks.


Thanks to their online translation services, Mytranslation is able to deliver quickly and meet very tight deadlines. You can also get a free quote, quickly and easily on the website.



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