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By / 8 September 2016 / Professional translation

Are you finding it hard to get work as a freelance translator?

Our online platform

To join our community of translators, simply create a free account on and take one of our language tests.

Mytranslation’s platform runs exclusively online to put customers and freelance translators in touch. Customers can upload projects of all kinds so that our freelance translators can get direct access to them.

We now offer a wide range of European languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch. There’s a dedicated Marketplace for each and every one of these language combinations on the platform.

Getting access to projects

As a translator registered with Mytranslation, you’ll potentially have access to projects uploaded via our two services: our Express and Auction ones. Are you tired of spending hours trying to root out projects only to discover they aren’t as suitable as you first hoped? Simply log-on to the Marketplace and browse through the available projects. The lists are updated constantly.

The platform, with its intuitive interface, is very easy to use. Our Auction service allows you to bid on projects visible on the Marketplace. You can define your own working conditions by setting down your own deadlines and prices per word. Start experiencing the freedom in freelancing!

Take on Express projects when you really have the time to do so. Mytranslation has no rules regarding the minimum number of projects a translator must accept per month. Are you working on another project at the moment? Have you got a holiday planned? Simply log onto to the platform when you get back!

Further information

Take a look at the platform and these few pages to get a better idea of how Mytranslation is going to change the way you work:


Our support teams will be delighted to help you should you encounter the slightest problem. Don’t let anything stop you from creating your account. We look forward to seeing you on the Mytranslation platform!

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