Mytranslation professional translation service: Now’s your chance to change the grading system!

By / 5 June 2015 / Professional translation (an online professional translation service) is proud to announce that it will soon be launching a new and improved website! The new website aims to bring its users all sorts of innovative improvements and functions: a modern, cleaner, more user-friendly design, new services and language combinations, as well as much more! Our firm belief is that the best way to ensure our users get the service they deserve is to simply ask them what they need. This is why we would like your feedback regarding the translator grading system – what changes would you like to see?

Here’s a recap on how our translation service grading system currently works

When a translator signs up to Mytranslation, they’re asked to take a test in their language combination. Their test is marked out of 5 (1 being poor and 5 being excellent) by our in-house team of professional and experienced translators. Translators who receive a grade of 4 or more then have access to both Express and Auction translation projects. Those with a grade below 4 only have access to Auction translation projects.


Once a translation job has been completed, the client is given the opportunity to grade the translator based on the following criteria: did they keep to their deadline? How quickly did they respond? What was the quality of the translation like?

An average is taken between the grade given for the initial language test and the one given by the client. This means an overall translator rating can be calculated. If the client doesn’t mark the translation, the translator’s grade doesn’t change.

So, how would you like clients to grade our translation service?

We’ve received several emails from translators asking for changes to the grading system. This is your chance to tell us what you’d like to change! Here are a few practical questions to get you thinking:

  • Do you think a client should be allowed to rate a translator?
  • Is a client able to assess the quality of a translation service?
  • Should a client be able to choose whether or not to grade a translator?
  • What criteria should the questions be based on?


Why grade a translation service at all?

The aim of Mytranslation is to put clients looking for a translation service in direct contact with freelance translators in search of work. However, when a client receives several bids on a job, they need a way of choosing a translator. Currently, our translation service enables clients to base their choice on several criteria. Nevertheless, after interviewing 200 clients, our statistics show that clients first compare prices and deadlines and then select a translator based on their overall mark.

how clients choose a translator

Mytranslation | professional translation service: how clients choose a translator

It’s therefore crucial we keep this system and work on optimizing it so that clients can easily evaluate translators’ ability at a quick glance. Nevertheless, allowing translators to improve their grades over time and hence to increase their chances of being awarded more jobs must also be an integral part of it.

So, what do you think? How would you like to see the grading system change? We look forward to reading your comments below!


Recap of Mytranslation: a professional translation service

Mytranslation is a professional online translation service that puts clients in direct contact with freelance translators worldwide. The Mytranslation translation website offers two services:

Express Service – for urgent needs, clients simply upload their document to the marketplace and the first translator available starts working on it right away.

Auction Service – for less urgent needs, clients upload their document to the marketplace and several translators will make price and deadline proposals. At the end of the auction period, the client chooses the translator they want to work with by comparing proposals, translator profiles, translator grades, previous client testimonials and more.

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Rose Thompson

I think the current Mytranslation grading system is good. My only criticism is that not all clients are able to judge the quality of a translation and therefore, the client should be allowed to pass on that particular question whithout it affecting the grade.

Bella Claire

I think clients should simply give translators a star rating out of 5, this way clients don’t have to mark the translator on a criteria they are unable to assess.

George Tony

I think the Mytranslation grading system is fair. Especially since it allows translators to improve with time.


It is hard to answer this question: when I am expensive, I provide excellent quality, when I am cheaper I can’t lower the quality of my work so I play with other parameters: increase the delay, no overnight, no weekend, easy file format, etc…

Translation service and cost are related and rates depends on the effort asked !

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