How to become a freelance translator with Mytranslation?

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How to become a freelance translator with Mytranslation?

Mytranslation is a professional, online translation website that puts clients in need of translation in direct contact with freelance translators.

To keep up with our rapid growth, we are constantly in need of qualified freelance translators.


Are you looking for translation work? Do you want to know how to become a translator?

Have you got a degree in translation? Do you have experience working as a freelance translator? Are you looking for translation work? Are you an organised person? Do you know how to manage your own time and priorities? Are you autonomous? Do you have excellent writing and linguistic skills? Do you have a good sense of initiative?

If you are considering how to become a translator, the following criteria are essential:

  • Only one target language is permitted (translators offering their services towards several target languages will automatically be excluded from the selection process)
  • Your translation target language must be your mother-tongue
  • Excellent command of your source language(s)
  • An area/areas of specialisation
  • Unconditional commitment to quality and deadlines

Mytranslation has built its success by respecting deadlines and guaranteeing quality translation for competitive prices and therefore, we only accept professional translators who are able to meet these standards.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to become a freelance translator, we would like to invite you to apply on the Mytranslation website.

You will be asked to take a translation test (or several translation tests depending on how many areas of specialisation you have). After you have taken the test(s), our Quality Control department will decide whether to add your profile to our database or not. We are very strict with tests as we work with demanding clients. If you pass the test(s), you will be added to our professional translator database and you will be able to begin working as a freelance translator. Depending on your language combination and your area(s) of specialisation, you will have access to different freelance translation projects.

Please note that freelance translators based in France must be subscribed to l’URSSAF (or the RCS).

Mytranslation is a professional translation service that put clients in direct contact with freelance translators.

Mytranslation offers two services:

AUCTION TRANSLATIONS: Clients upload their documents to the Marketplace and freelance translators working in the language combination asked by the client are notified by email and invited to make price and deadline proposals. At the end of the auction period, the client compares the proposals, translator profiles and translator ratings to then choose the freelance translator they wish to work with. Clients can follow the progress of their translation in real time.

EXPRESS TRANSLATIONS: For urgent needs, clients upload their documents to the Marketplace and the first freelance translator to accept the project starts working on it right away. Clients are notified by email when the translation is completed.

Translation quality

All our freelance translators are native speakers who have passed translation tests. If a client is unhappy with the translation, they have the right to reject it.


Clients can compare freelance translator price and deadline proposals, view their profiles and previous client ratings.


All documents are encrypted and only qualified freelance translators can view them.

Want to become a freelance translator and work with Mytranslation?

Simply register for free, pass a language test and begin to find work immediately.

We look forward to seeing you on the platform soon and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions on how to become a translator.

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