Translation rates How to reduce the cost without compromising the quality

Translation rates: reducing cost without compromising quality

By / 28 January 2019 / Professional translation

With globalisation constantly evolving, these days the need for translation is inevitable – for both companies and individuals. However, recent research conducted by Regalix (State of B2B Marketing 2015), shows that…

Traduction en ligne : qualité, rapidité, économies et simplicité

Online Translation: Quality, Speed, Savings and Simplicity

By / 21 September 2018 / Professional translation

Online translation agencies offer you quality human translation services at competitive prices. The online translation process allows you to quickly receive your document on an easy-to-use website.

Devenir traducteur freelance chez Mytranslation ?

A simple and intuitive professional translation service

By / 27 March 2018 / Professional translation

A range of translation services modelled on a desire for transparency and ease of use.

Traductrice juridique professionnelle

Professional Legal Translation Online at Competitive Rates

By / 27 September 2017 / Professional translation

Professional legal translation is a highly specialized field that requires accuracy and consistency and a thorough understanding of law. Our legal translators, who are specialized in law, understand the importance of every detail and that the slightest mistake can have major consequences.

Machine translation vs professional translator

Is machine translation really threatening professional translators?

By / 3 September 2017 / Professional translation

The market value for machine translation could be multiplied by four by 2019. Such an increase questions, once again, the future of human translation and the battle between professional translators and machine translation.

Top 10 Content Creation Tools

Content Creation – 10 websites marketers should use

Want to jumpstart your content marketing strategy? Then keep reading! These days, content marketing plays a key role for businesses. Though a marketing strategy that has been around for years, thanks to the increased use of the internet, only recently has content marketing been so closely linked to improved reach, increased traffic and generated sales…. [read more]

Mytranslation's on the lookout for freelance translators

Mytranslation’s on the lookout for freelance translators

By / 8 September 2016 / Professional translation

Are you tired of spending hours trying to root out translation projects only to discover they aren’t as suitable as you first hoped?

5 Reasons to Translate your Website

By / 2 September 2016 / Website Translation

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” – Nelson Mandela   Think of your website as the window display of your shop.  What people see through the window plays an important role on… [read more]

Professional online translators

By / 1 September 2016 / Professional translation

Are you looking for something better than Google translate and its poor (or even dangerous) results, and something less expensive than “traditional” translation agencies? Mytranslation is your best option for professional, quality, human translations at an attractive price. Our objective To reduce translation costs without losing quality and to offer a simple, transparent and efficient method… [read more]

Translate a web page

3 recommendations to help you translate a web page

By / 26 August 2016 / Professional translation

Whether for a website or a blog, translating a web page has become necessary. Thanks to the growth of the internet, creating a web page is becoming easier each day, and thanks to blogs, becoming a well-known writer and attracting several visitors to a web page is also now…

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