About Us

What is Mytranslation?

Founded in 2010, Benjamin du Fraysseix created the Mytranslation platform as a means of responding to three issues in the translation industry:

•Agencies charge high prices for translations
•Freelance translators find it hard to find clients
•Automatic translators are inefficient

Mytranslation therefore aims to put translators and clients in direct contact with one another so as to reduce costs and consequently offer a cheaper translation service, all whilst gaining a good quality translation.



Our vision statement

By being equally centric on clients and translators, we aim to resolve all translation problems in a simple, reliable and just way.



Plans for the future

Having only launched the portal in 2010, we still have many development plans. Some of our immediate plans include, offering more language combinations, offering a proofreading service, the creation of a telephone application and much more.

Nevertheless, patience is the key to virtue! In the meantime, we like our users to know that we’re open to all suggestions and comments. This service was provided from you, so who better to listen to than you? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas, since this is the only way we will know what you truly want from the Mytranslation service.



A message from the CEO

“I am delighted to take this opportunity to welcome you to Mytranslation.com. Having worked in the translation industry for 9 years now, I sensed a gap in the market. Agencies offer a great service but at extortionate prices, freelancers offer a great service but find it hard to find clients and automatic translators produce poor quality translations. These were the reasons behind the creation of my idea to put clients and translators in direct contact with one another through an online platform: Mytranslation platform.

The Mytranslation team is 100% dedicated to creating a good service for both clients and translators and we have real hopes for its future progress.

We hope that Mytranslation will be the answer to your translation problems.

Welcome to Mytranslation!”

Benjamin du Fraysseix

CEO, Mytranslation



Our services

Mytranslation is available for the translation of all document types and in any language combination using English, French or Spanish. To find out when other language combinations will become available, we suggest you follow us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

Mytranslation currently offers two services: Express and Auction services.

Auction service

Our Auction service allows clients to upload their translation to our marketplace consequently allowing translators to make proposals suggesting different prices and deadlines. Clients can then consult the different bids and translator profiles, and accordingly choose the best proposal for their translation needs.

Express service

Our Express service is available for clients who have an urgent deadline. Clients can simply upload their document for translation and an email is sent to all our best translators (over  1700 translators). The first translator to respond gets the job and must start working on it immediately.



Corporate Social Responsibility

Mytranslation has as one of its objectives to be as ethical as possible. When it comes to employees, Mytranslation continuously tries to strengthen their skills by implementing schemes to help improve their employee performance and diversity.

In addition to this, Mytranslation aims to encourage equal opportunities.

As for clients and translators, they are treated with utmost respect and their private information remains confidential to those working on their projects. Mytranslation also strives to develop solutions tailored to their needs.

When suppliers are chosen, their commitment in the domain of sustainable development and human rights is a deciding factor when deciding to do business with them or not.

Finally, when considering the environment, the emphasis here is on reducing the consumption of paper, water, energy and carbon emissions, as well as encouraging sustainable management of electronic waste.

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