Translate a web page

3 recommendations to help you translate a web page

By / 26 August 2016 / Professional translation

Whether for a website or a blog, translating a web page has become necessary. Thanks to the growth of the internet, creating a web page is becoming easier each day, and thanks to blogs, becoming a well-known writer and attracting several visitors to a web page is also now…

Translation rates How to reduce the cost without compromising the quality

Translation rates: reducing cost without compromising quality

By / 17 August 2016 / Professional translation

With globalisation constantly evolving, these days the need for translation is inevitable – for both companies and individuals. However, recent research conducted by Regalix (State of B2B Marketing 2015), shows that…

The Translation of World Teacher's Day

The Translation of World Music Day

By / 19 June 2016 / Professional translation

The idea behind celebrations designed as a way of pooling and sharing everyone’s talents and instruments is fundamentally democratic and this adds to the symbolism of any unrestricted move to…

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